17 Things You Want To Know About Bradley And Hubbard Lamps

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  • Date: February 9, 2023
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In this blog I explore 17 facts and things you want to know about the History of Bradley And Hubbard Lamps, and what their famous lamps are.

Bradley and Hubbard created iconic oil lights from the art deco period. Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company was formed in 1852 and ceased production in 1931.

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Bradley and Hubbard Lamp

1. What Are Bradley And Hubbard Lamps ?

Bradley and Hubbard lamps are a type of oil lamp. They were first produced in 1852 by the Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company, located in Meriden, Connecticut. The company was founded by two men named Eldridge Bradley and Walter Hubbard.

2. Who Were The Bradley And Hubbard Manufacturing Company ?

The Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company was one of the most successful lamp manufacturers of the 1800s. The company was founded by Eldridge Bradley and Walter Hubbard in 1852.

Where Were Bradley And Hubbard Lamps Made ?

Bradley and Hubbard’s company headquarters were located in Meriden, Connecticut.

3. What Type Of Lamps Did The Bradley And Hubbard Manufacturing Company Produce ?

The Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company produced a wide variety of lamps, including oil lamps, kerosene lamps, gas lamps, and electric lamps.

4. What Was The First Bradley And Hubbard lamp?

The first Bradley and Hubbard lamp was an oil lamp that was produced in 1854. The lamp was made of brass and had a wick that burned whale oil.

5. What Is The Most Famous Bradley And Hubbard Lamp ?

The most famous Bradley and Hubbard lamp is the “Banquet Lamp.” The Banquet Lamp was first introduced in 1876. It was a kerosene lamp that was made of brass and had a glass chimney. The Banquet Lamp became very popular because it was very stylish and allowed people to have light without having to deal with the smoke from a fire.

6.Bradley And Hubbard Oil Lamp History

The Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company was an American metalwork manufacturer based in Meriden, Connecticut. The company produced a wide range of products including oil lamps, fireplace accessories, candlesticks, and other metalwork items.

The company was founded in 1852 by Henry Bradley and Levi Hubbard. Bradley & Hubbard were both experienced metalworkers who had previously worked for other companies in the area. The pair decided to start their own business and soon established themselves as one of the leading metalwork manufacturers in the country.

The company’s products were popular among a wide range of consumers, including both middle-class families and wealthy individuals. Bradley & Hubbard’s oil lamps were particularly popular and were known for their high quality and stylish design.

The company continued to operate successfully for many years and remained one of the leading metalwork manufacturers in the United States until it was eventually absorbed by the International Silver Company in 1898. Even after its absorption, Bradley & Hubbard’s products continued to be produced and sold under the International Silver brand.

Today, Bradley & Hubbard’s oil lamps are still highly sought after by collectors and are a popular choice for those looking for stylish and high-quality lighting options. The company’s products remain an important part of American metalwork history and continue to be appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Henry Bradley

Henry Bradley was an American lighting designer and educator. He is considered one of the pioneers of modern stage lighting. His work helped to develop and popularize the use of electric lights in theatre productions. Bradley’s ideas and designs had a significant impact on the development of lighting technology and techniques. He is also credited with helping to bring about the “golden age” of American theatre in the early 20th century. Bradley’s work helped to make the stage a more dynamic and expressive place, and his designs were sought after by many of the leading theatre companies of his day.

Bradley’s work was not limited to the stage. He also designed lighting for a number of public spaces, including the New York Public Library and the United States Capitol. He also wrote several books on lighting design, including The Principles of Theatre Lighting (1915) and Stage Lighting Made Simple (1923). Bradley’s work helped to bring about a greater understanding and appreciation of the role of light in theatre and other forms of entertainment.

Levi Hubbard

Levi Hubbard was an American artist and designer who is best known for his work in the Art Deco style. His work was very influential in the development of this popular style, and he is credited with creating some of the most iconic Art Deco lights fixtures. Many of his designs were inspired by the geometric shapes and patterns of the Art Deco style, and he often used bold colors and metals to create his distinctive look. Levi Hubbard’s work helped to make Art Deco lighting a household name, and his designs are still popular today.

Why did Henry Bradley And Levi Hubbard decide to work together manufacturing art deco lamps?

The two men met while working at a lighting company in the early 1920s. They quickly became friends and decided to start their own business together. Bradley and Hubbard started by making lamps for local businesses in the Los Angeles area.

Bradley and Hubbard’s lamps were different than other lamps being made at the time because they incorporated new and unique designs. The pair’s lamps quickly gained in popularity and soon they were making lamps for clients all over the country.

Art deco was a popular design style in the 1920s and 1930s. Bradley and Hubbard’s lamps fit perfectly into this style. Their lamps featured clean lines and geometric shapes that were typical of art deco design. Bradley and Hubbard’s lamps were also often made with colorful glass shades. These shades added a touch of elegance to the lamps and helped them stand out from other designs.

The success of Bradley and Hubbard’s business was due in part to their willingness to experiment with new designs. Their unique take on art deco design helped make their lamps some of the most popular of the time. Thanks to their creative vision, Bradley and Hubbard’s lamps remain popular today.

7. Is Bradley And Hubbard Still In Business ?

The Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company went out of business in 1931. However, the company’s lamps are still popular today and can be found in many homes.

What Happened To The Bradley And Hubbard Manufacturing Company ?

Bradley and Hubbard was acquired by the Charles Parker Company on June 13, 1940

The Charles Parker Company had stopped the production of their own lamps in 1931, so the acquisition of Bradley and Hubbard in 1940 allowed them to continue with their lamp-making heritage for a while.

All of the assets of Bradley and Hubbard were acquired in the sale, of land, buildings, and machinery. The sale gave the Charles Parker Company access to the more modern equipment utilized by Bradley and Hubbard, and as such most of Charles Parker’s operations were moved to the Bradley and Hubbard site on Hanover Street.

Notably, the Rayo lamp was manufactured on site until the early 1950s on behalf of the Standard Oil Company.

The Charles Parker Company was bought out in 1957 by the Union Manufacturing Company, and all that remained of Parker ceased to exist around 1987.

8. What Is The Value Of A Bradley And Hubbard Lamp ?

The value of a Bradley and Hubbard lamp depends on the age, condition, and style of the lamp. An antique Banquet Lamp in good condition can be worth thousands of dollars.

Yes, Bradley and Hubbard style lamps are still popular for home decor today. Many people appreciate these lamps’ clean lines and geometric shapes, which fit well into modern decors. These lamps can be found in a variety of styles, including table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces. Thanks to their timeless design, Bradley and Hubbard lamps are a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their home.

10. What Are Bradley and Hubbard Style Lamps Called Today ?

Bradley and Hubbard style lamps are sometimes referred to as Art Deco lamps. This is because their clean lines and geometric shapes fit well into the Art Deco design style. However, these lamps can also be found in a variety of other styles, including contemporary and traditional. No matter what style you prefer, there is a Bradley and Hubbard lamp to suit your needs.

Some of the most popular Bradley and Hubbard lampshades include the Banquet Shade, the Candlestick Shade, and the Piano Desk Shade, and the corresponding lamp bases.

12. Where Can I Find Bradley And Hubbard Lamps For Sale ?

Bradley and Hubbard style lamps can be found for sale at a variety of retailers, both online and offline. Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay offer a wide selection of reproduction lamps, while offline stores such as antique shops and home goods stores may also original lamps, as well as online auctions.

Etsy have a number of Bradley and Hubbard Lamps for sale

13. What Are Some Of The Other Products That The Bradley And Hubbard Manufacturing Company Produced ?

In addition to lamps, the Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company also produced a variety of other products, including clocks, bicycles, and stoves.

14. Where Can I Learn More About Bradley And Hubbard Lamps?

There are several ways to learn more about Bradley and Hubbard lamps. One way is to read books or articles about the company and its products. Another way is to visit the Bradley and Hubbard website, which has a section devoted to the history of the company and its lamps. Finally, antique dealers who specialize in Bradley and Hubbard lamps can be a good source of information.

15. Are Bradley And Hubbard Style Lamps Made Today ?

There are a few companies that still produce lamps in the Bradley and Hubbard style. However, these lamps are not made by the original company.

16. Which Companies Reproduce Lamps In The Bradley And Hubbard Style ?

Some of the companies that reproduce lamps in the Bradley and Hubbard style include Vintage Lighting (USA), and Hubbardton Forge (USA).

17. How Can I Tell If I Have A Bradley Or Hubbard Lamp ? | Where Are Bradley And Hubbard’s Lamps Marked ?

There are several ways to tell if you have a Bradley or Hubbard lamp. First, look for a metal plate on the bottom of the lamp that says “Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co.” If this plate is present, then you have a Bradley lamp. Second, look at the overall design of the lamp. Bradley lamps tend to be more ornate and have more detailed designs than Hubbard lamps. Finally, consult an expert to be sure.