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Rose Tiffany Lamp, Tiffany Lamp Rose, Rose Tiffany Style Lamp, Tiffany Style Rose Lamp

What Is A Rose Tiffany Lamp ?

This blog highlights the origins of Rose Tiffany Lamps, their history, unique features. I continue to discuss the different types of Rose Tiffany Lamps, how to use them to best effect, the cost of these lamps and where to buy them. A rose Tiffany lamp is a type of stained glass lamp, made by the […]

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tiffany floor lamp base

Finding A Tiffany Floor Lamp Base Can Be A Bit Of A Challenge. Here Are Some!

Finding a base for a Tiffany table lamp is dead simple. They are everywhere. Finding a Tiffany floor lamp base? Well, that can pose a little bit of a challenge. This is because Tiffany lamps have always been decorative table lamps. While floor lamps have been produced over the years, they aren’t really the sort […]

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Where Are Tiffany Lamps Manufactured?

Where Are Tiffany Lamps Made ? – Tiffany Studios Vs Tiffany Style (Dale, Chloe, Amora)

Original Tiffany Studios lamps were designed and made by the famous American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany and the company, Tiffany Studios that he set up in New York from 1878 to 1933. That means that most Tiffany Lamps you buy today from retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Department Stores and specialist retailers are in fact Tiffany […]

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Tiffany Jigsaw Puzzles

Best Tiffany Puzzle – Stained Glass Jigsaw Puzzle Reviewed

I have found for you the best Louis Comfort Tiffany inspired stained glass jigsaw puzzle. I compare how visually stunning and challenging each of the adult jigsaw puzzle are.

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how to match a lamp shade to a base; how to match a lamp shade to a base; what size shade do you need for a lamp base; measuring lamp shades for table lamps; measuring lamp shades for floor lamps; measuring for candle shaped lamp; sizing lampshades for a chandelier;

How To Attach A Tiffany Lamp Shade

Many people who acquire a beautiful Tiffany Lamp shade may have already had a lamp base that they want to attach it to. Or, you might be in a position where you had to re-wire your genuine Tiffany Lamp, which means you had to disassemble it. Now, you need to reassemble it.  However, if you’re […]

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How to Identify Tiffany Lamp; Spotting a Tiffany Lamp Real; Verifying Original Tiffany Lamps; Assessing the Age of a Tiffany Lamp;

How To Identify Tiffany Lamp – How to Tell Real From Fake

Louis Comfort Tiffany Lamps have a long and rich history of artisan, stained glass light fixtures. But over the years, the market has become filled with imitations of this beloved brand, and you may still wonder how to identify Tiffany Lamp products. The following steps should help you learn how to identify Tiffany Lamps. We’ll […]

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Tiffany Lamp Parts; Tiffany Lamp Accessories; Tiffany Lamp Components

Tiffany Lamp Parts | Accessories for Tiffany lamps

If you happen to be the lucky recipient of a broken or otherwise non-functioning Tiffany Lamp, never fear, because you still have a valuable and (most likely) completely repairable collector’s item in your hands and you don’t have to look far to get the parts and accessories that you need.  Tiffany Lamp parts aren’t going […]

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Build a Tiffany Lamp; DIY Tiffany Lamp; Make a DIY Tiffany Lamp

Build a Tiffany Lamp | Make a DIY Tiffany Lamp

Did you know that you can build your own Tiffany lamp to reflect your own taste and style? All that building your own Tiffany lamp takes is to have a clear vision, find tiffany lamp patterns and a kit that’s easy to use, and explore the world of stained glass lamp molds. Many of these […]

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How Do You Fix a Tiffany Lamp Shade? A step-by-step Tiffany Lamp Repair guide

If you have a broken tiffany stained glass lamp, you can quickly fix it at home by removing the broken slag glass pieces and replacing them with new pieces cut to the same size and shape as the open space in the lampshade.  While you can take a broken lamp to a professional for Tiffany […]

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Authentic Tiffany Lamps

What is a Tiffany Lamp – The story of the authentic tiffany lamp ?

This is a post about authentic Tiffany Lamps. I discuss what a Tiffany Lamp is and how they are made. I highlight what is special about a Tiffany Lamp and the history behind them. I talk about different styles of Tiffany Lamps.

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