Chandelier Candle Covers: What You Need To Know




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Candle sleeves or chandelier candle tubes are a cheap way of freshening the look of a decorative antique or early sconce whose original candle covers or candle sleeves were exposed to age, dirt, or heat damage.

Chandelier candle cover, also known as candle cover, candlestick covers, chandelier candle sleeves or candle tubes, are lamp parts that are small sleeve that fits over the base of candles. They come in different sizes to fit various candles and perform two functions. The first is to create a tight seal so that hot wax does not drip down the sides of the candle and onto the holder or table below. The second function is aesthetic; candle covers can dress up a simple candle or make them look more elegant.

Candle covers and candle tubes for wall lights come in various styles and materials, including metal, glass, fabric, ceramic, and wood. You can choose from classic designs such as crystal beads or modern looks like geometric shapes or metallic finishes. Many light fixture candle sleeves are shaped to resemble flowers or leaves. You can find them in virtually any color, so it’s easy to find the perfect match for your decor.

If you’re into scented real wax candles, you’ll want to ensure the candle covers are made of a material that won’t absorb the fragrance. Glass, metal, and ceramic are good choices. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can find hand-painted candle covers that are indeed works of art.

Chandelier candle cover sleeves are a great way to add style and beauty to your home. They’re also a practical solution for avoiding wax drips. With so many styles and materials, you’re sure to find the perfect covers for your candles.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Candle Cover or Candle Sleeve?

A chandelier candle cover is a simple device that fits over the light bulbs of a chandelier. It serves two primary purposes: first, it helps protect against heat damage to the candle lamp; second, it adds an attractive aesthetic element to your home’s decor.

The Different Types Of Lamp Candle Covers

Chandelier candle covers come in different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. The most popular materials used to make chandelier candle covers are glass, metal, or plastic. Glass is the most elegant and comes in different colors, such as clear, amber, or green. Metal is more durable than glass and comes in various finishes, such as chrome, brass, or bronze. Plastic is the most affordable material and comes in multiple colors and styles.

Whether you prefer glass, metal, or plastic candle covers for your chandelier, many options will suit your style and budget. So take some time to browse the different chandelier candle covers and pick the perfect ones for your home.

Plastic Candle Covers

Plastic candle covers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are the most inexpensive option, and they offer excellent protection against heat damage to your candles.

Metal Candle Covers

Metal candle covers are more durable than plastic ones, but they can be more expensive than plastic. They come in various finishes, such as chrome, brass, or bronze.

Glass Candle Covers

Glass candle covers are the most elegant option and come in many colors, like clear, amber, or green. They are also more expensive than plastic and metal ones.

Fiber Candle Covers

Fiber candle covers are made from fabric and can be found in many colors and textures. They offer superior protection against heat damage, but they may not be as durable as plastic or metal candle covers.

Beeswax Candle Covers

Beeswax candle covers are the most natural type, as they are made from beeswax. They don’t offer as much protection against heat damage, but they provide a unique look to your chandelier.

Resin Candle Covers

Resin candle covers are a popular and affordable option. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your chandelier. Resin is durable and provides excellent heat protection to your candles.

Designer Candle Covers

Designer or decorative candle sleeves are a great way to add a unique and stylish look to your home. They are usually made of glass or metal, but they can also be hand-painted with intricate designs.

Candle Covers For Electric Bulb Chandeliers.

There are many options for choosing the right candle covers for your electric bulb chandeliers. The most popular options include glass, metal, and fabric covers. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, so you must consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting.

If you want a classic, antique lamp look, glass candle covers may be the right choice. They provide a beautiful and elegant lighting effect, and they come in various colors and styles to suit any decor. However, they can also be quite fragile, making them less ideal if you have young children or pets at home.

Metal candle covers offer a more modern and contemporary look. They are often made from aluminum or stainless steel and can be found in various finishes. These durable and long-lasting covers are a good choice if you want to use your chandelier for many years. However, they can also be quite expensive.

Fabric candle covers are another popular option, offering a softer and more romantic look. They come in various colors and styles and can easily match any decor. However, fabric candle sleeves can be more challenging to clean than other options, and they may only last for a while.

If you choose the type of candle sleeves you prefer, you can measure your chandelier before making a purchase. This will ensure that you get the right size candle sleeve for your specific needs.

How To Choose The Right Candle Cover For Your Candles

When choosing new candle covers, the most important thing to consider is the size of your chandelier candles. You will need to make sure that the candle sleeves you choose are large enough to fit over the entire candle without being too loose or too tight. If the candle sleeves are too loose, they could slide off and cause a fire, but if the cover is too tight, it could cause the candle to become damaged.

You should ensure that other lamp parts you need, like the lamp socket and chandelier socket cover, are available in matching styles and materials.

Another critical factor to consider when choosing candle sleeves is the lamp style and material. Some candle sleeves come in various materials, including metal, glass, ceramic, and more. Additionally, many different types are available for you to choose from, such as globe-shaped, bell-shaped, and more.

Ultimately, the fitting candle sleeves for your candles, chandeliers, or wall sconces will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Whether you want something simple and understated or you want to create a bold statement with a unique style of cover, there is sure to be something that works for you. So take the time to explore your options and find the perfect candle sleeves for your home!

How Do Candle Safety Covers Keep Chandeliers Safe To Use ?

Chandelier candle safety covers are a great way to keep your chandelier in good working order. They can help protect electrical components from heat damage, and they can also help to prevent fire hazards.

When choosing a chandelier safety cover, selecting one made from fire-resistant materials is essential. Please make sure that the cover fits snugly over the top of the candle. This will help to prevent any heat from escaping and potentially causing a fire.

Choosing a cover that is easy to clean is also a good idea. If you use candles frequently, you must clean the covers regularly. Look for surfaces that can be wiped down with a damp cloth or machine-washed.

Chandelier candle safety covers are an essential part of keeping your candles safe to use. By selecting the right cover and taking care of it, you can help ensure that your candles will last for many years.

How Are Candle Covers Measured ?

When choosing the correct size of candle cover or candle tube for a chandelier, it is important to measure accurately. Candle covers are usually calculated according to their base diameter and length from the flat bottom surface of the bulb to the top edge of the flame opening. It is also important to measure from one side of the flame opening to the other.

The base diameter of a candle cover should match the size of the light bulb socket. It is essential to factor in any minor variations due to manufacturing tolerances. For example, if the bulb socket is listed as an E12, it may measure larger than 12mm in diameter.

The length of the candle cover should extend beyond the tip of the light bulb to prevent any heat damage or melting. As a general rule, it should be at least 2-3 cm longer than the length of the bulb itself.

The style of the chandelier can also affect what size and shape of the candle cover are required. Some chandeliers may require a different shape of candle cover due to the configuration of the arms or other design features. For example, a candelabra style lamp will require an oval or fluted-shaped flame opening for each light bulb socket.

The material used for the candle covers can also influence the size and shape of the flame openings. Wax candle covers will typically require an open flame opening to allow for heat circulation, while plastic or synthetic covers may have a slightly different shape which allows air to circulate the flame.

Finally, it is vital to consider any decorative elements when choosing a candle cover. Some chandeliers may require additional decorations or embellishments, such as beads or tassels. These will influence the size and shape of the flame opening accordingly.

When choosing the right size and style of chandelier candle covers, measuring accurately and considering any decorative elements is essential for ensuring the right fit and protecting your lamps from heat damage.

With the correct measurements and style of candle cover, you can be sure your chandelier will shine brightly for years to come.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Candle Covers Looking Good | Candle Cover Care Instructions

Here are 5 tips to keep your Candle Covers in good order and to work correctly:

  1. To ensure optimal lighting performance and a long lifespan for your candle covers, trim wicks to 1/4″ before each lighting. This will also help prevent black soot build-up inside the glass.
  2. Be sure to extinguish all flames before leaving the room or going to bed.
  3. Wipe down candle covers with a soft, dry cloth to keep them clean after each use.
  4. Do not attempt to clean candle covers with water or any other cleaner.
  5. Do not place candle covers in the dishwasher.

With proper care, your Chandelier Candle Covers should last for many years. Enjoy your beautiful new lighting!

Where To Buy Replacement Chandelier Candle Sleeves ?

Replacement chandelier candle sleeves are easy to find and can be purchased from various sources. Shopping online is one of the most convenient ways to buy these products to your cart, as many websites offer them in multiple sizes, styles, colors, and materials, often with free shipping. Before you commit to an online purchase, read reviews or consult an expert to ensure you get a quality product.

You can also buy replacement chandelier candle sleeves from your local hardware store or lamp supply shop. These shops usually carry a selection of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your specifications. If not, they will likely be able to order the size and style you need.

Finally, if you want something truly unique or vintage, antique stores and flea markets can be excellent sources for one-of-a-kind candle sleeves. These stores often carry a wide selection of styles, so it is worth exploring them. However, remember that these sleeves may be more expensive than those purchased at a hardware store or lighting shop.

No matter where you purchase your chandelier candle sleeve, make sure it is the right size and style for your lamp. This will ensure that it fits snugly and protects the bulb from heat damage. With the right candle sleeve, your lamp will remain in excellent condition for years to come.


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Candle Covers FAQs

How Do You Make Candle Sleeves ?

To make your own candle sleeves, you will need the following supplies:

-1/2 yard of fabric (cotton or linen works best)

-1/4 inch elastic


-Sewing machine and thread

Making Candle Sleeve Instructions:

1. Cut two rectangles out of your fabric, each measuring around 4 inches by 6 inches.

2. Place a small piece of elastic, about 1/4 inch wide, in the middle of one of the rectangles and sew it in place with a sewing machine or needle and thread.

3. Fold over the long sides of each rectangle to create a tube, then sew them closed to create a sleeve.

4. Slide the sleeve over the top of your candle, ensuring that it fits snugly and is secured with the elastic band.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for as many sleeves as needed, and enjoy your beautiful new chandelier candles!

Make Your Perfect Chandelier Candle Cover

Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Candle Sleeves

One essential tip for creating beautiful and functional candle sleeves is to use high-quality materials, such as cotton or linen fabric.

Please ensure that your elastic bands are solid and tight enough to securely hold the sleeves around your candles.

Additionally, it can be helpful to sew a small loop of ribbon or string onto the top of each of the candle sleeves before sliding them over the candle, as this will make it easier to remove the sleeve when it needs to be replaced.

Finally, always test your sleeves on real candles before using them in your chandelier or other decorative settings to ensure they will fit properly and look precisely the way you want.

With these tips, you can create beautiful candle sleeves that will enhance the look of your home or event!

How Do You Remove The Candle Covers On A Chandelier ?

Ensure the sockets’ cardboard dividers rise above the candle cover by approximately 1/8′′. The new cover can be a bit less expensive, but you could buy it at a good deal cheaper than the old one.

What Are The Parts Of A Candle Holder ?

The lamp parts of a candle holder vary depending on the holder type but generally include a base, stem, prongs, or a cup. Some holders may also have a separate plate or saucer.

Can You Paint Chandelier Candle Covers ?

Yes, you can paint a chandelier candle cover. The best way to do this is to use an oil-based primer and a latex or acrylic topcoat. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before painting it and allow each layer of paint to dry completely before beginning the next one. You may need several coats to get an even finish. It’s important to remember that the paint may not adhere well to the waxed surface of some candle covers, so you may need to sand lightly before painting. Additionally, be aware that the paint will reduce the heat protection these covers provide when you are finished.

How Do You Cut Plastic Candle Covers ?

To cut plastic candle covers, you will need a pair of scissors or a sharp utility knife. Measure the size of your candle cover and mark it with a pencil. Place the plastic protector on a hard, flat surface and cut along the marked line. Make sure to use steady hands and take caution when cutting through the plastic. Once you have finished cutting, it is important to smooth down the edges to prevent injury.

What Is The 12 Candle Holder Called ?

The candelabra also referred to as the candelabra, is a candleholder that includes several arms.

3.5 Inch Chandelier Candle Covers

These are the standard size for replacement candle covers. This is usually the easiest option since these sizes are widely available in stores or online.

4 Inch Chandelier Candle Covers

4-inch chandelier candle covers are ideal for large chandeliers requiring more protection than smaller ones. These covers help protect the bulbs from extreme heat while also adding a classic touch to your chandelier. Plus, they’re easy to install and come in various styles that match any decor.

What Are Candle Holders On The Wall Called ?

Sconces are old-fashioned fixtures traditionally used in candle-making or oil lamps. Modern fittings are sometimes also called lamps and ceiling lights.

What Are The Covers On Chandeliers Called ?

Candle covers slide onto lamp posts, covering electronic devices and representing candles adorned with chandeliers.

How Do You Cover A Candle ?

One way to cover a candle is to use a chandelier candle cover. Candle covers are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They slip over the top of the candle and can be held in place with multiple methods, including ribbons, ties, or wires.

How Do You Make Paper Candle Covers ?

Chandelier Candle Covers can be made from many materials, such as wax paper, vellum, or crepe paper. You can make them any color or even add glitter to the mix! Making your Chandelier Candle Covers is a fun way to personalize your home décor and get into the holiday spirit.

What Are Light Covers Called ?

Fluorescent light covers are sometimes called “fluorescent light diffusers” or fluorescent light panels. decoration light covers are sometimes referred to as fluorescence light filters.

Can You Replace Shades On Chandelier ?

Replacement Glass Shades for Lighting Chandeliers are usually equipped with multiple shades. You can choose a replacement matching your remaining shades and upgrade all chandeliers to new ones. A pendant light is generally used for replacing glass shades of chandeliers.

Are Lamp Shades On Chandeliers Out Of Style ?

Chandelier candle covers are a trendy style of the lampshade. They are designed to fit over the top of a candle and provide a decorative cover for the flame. Many believe this shade needs to be updated and is no longer in style. However, many people still love the look of these shades and continue to use them in their homes. If you are considering adding a chandelier to your home, you may consider using candle covers instead of traditional shades.

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