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Finding a base for a Tiffany table lamp is dead simple. They are everywhere. Finding a Tiffany floor lamp base? Well, that can pose a little bit of a challenge. This is because Tiffany lamps have always been decorative table lamps. While floor lamps have been produced over the years, they aren’t really the sort of thing that most Tiffany lovers go for.

Because of this, you will often find that you can’t buy a Tiffany style floor lamp base only. Instead, if you have a lampshade that you want to fit onto a floor lamp, then it is much better to purchase a floor lamp and switch out the shades. Yes. It can be a bit of a hassle. However, nowadays, short of going to antique stores, it is pretty much your only option.

tiffany floor lamp base

We want to review a few products on this page. However, do bear in mind that these are not are just floor lamp bases for Tiffany style shades. Instead, they are complete units. We have taken great care to ensure that each of these can easily have the lampshade removed so that you can fit your own one. Although, do make sure that you check the size of your Tiffany lampshade with the sizes detailed on this page. Not all Tiffany lampshades are the same size!

If you already have a Tiffany Lamp that needs a clean up then I have written a detailed step by step guide on how to clean a Tiffany Lamp.

Check out this blog for the most expensive Tiffany Lamps

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Why Is It Hard To Find a Tiffany Floor Lamp Base ?

As we said before, traditionally Tiffany made table lamps. When they did make floor lamps, the designs were not anywhere near as intricate as the table lamp. Fewer sales mean less demand for them.

It is also worth pointing out that many Tiffany lampshades were designed for a specific base, mostly table lamps. The base was as much a part of the design as the rest of the lamp.

Even now, if you decided to purchase a table lamp base for a Tiffany lampshade, you would struggle to find anything close to the original unless you went to an antique shop.

Tiffany Floor Lamp W12H70 Baroque Style

As we said, the Tiffany lamp base for sale options that we discuss here are going to come complete with a lampshade. There isn’t anything that you can do about that.

We have tried to ensure that the lamp bases that we discuss here are affordable, though. This way you don’t feel as if you are blowing your cash on something that you don’t need.

  • Can be assembled in 3-4 minutes
  • It comes in 3 pieces that just screw together
  • Whole lamp weighs ‎16.87 pounds (7.65 kg), including the shade
  • The lamp base is suitably heavy

If you opted not to remove the lampshade from this, we reckon that you are going to be enjoying a tremendous floor lamp. Add a high-quality lampshade into the mix, and you have a piece that is stunning.

Standing at 70″ tall, this Tiffany Floor Lamp has been constructed from aluminum alloy. This means that it is sturdy, but doesn’t come with a huge cost. It has been designed in a baroque style. Perhaps the best way to describe this lamp base is almost Victorian. To us, it reminds us of the old Victorian street lamps that you can find in various places throughout England.

The lampshade is 30″ wide, and can easily be replaced with a Tiffany lampshade that is similar in size.

Tiffany Floor Lamp Base

This floor lamp base (with a complete lampshade that you can remove), is a modern upgrade to the traditional Tiffany lamp. This one comes with a fitting for LED bulbs that will help to really brighten up your room.

  • Heaviest Base reviewed – 10.7 pounds (4.85 kg)
  • Looks good
  • Good detail to stand and base
  • Easy to assemble

The Tiffany floor lamp base is an industrial style, with ornate decorations across the lamp. It has a very mid-century design to it, and it almost looks like the design has been pulled from the original Tiffany lamp catalog.

This Tiffany floor lamp base is an overhanging lamp. This can make it perfect for reading or lighting up sofa areas.

One thing that you will love about this lamp base, particularly if you have children or pets running around, is the fact that it is sturdy. It has been specially weighted to ensure that it is almost impossible for a person to knock over. This can help to protect the beautiful Tiffany lampshade that you attach to it.

zoeezworld, an Amazon Purchaser states that “This lamp is gorgeous, functional and durable”, while Rayford Butler, Amazon Purchaser says of the lamp “Looks good and easy to assemble”

Mural Times Tiffany Lamp Base

If you are looking for something that has more of an antique flair to it, then the Mural Times Tiffany lamp base could be ideal. Again, you can remove the lampshade from it, but it is going to look equally stunning if you opted to leave it in place.

  • Understated stand and base allowing your shade to shine
  • Metal base, very stable on level ground

The lamp base is made from a solid metal that is nigh on impossible to knock over. While it does not have the most intricate of designs on the base, it is something that could easily fit into just about any decor, although we reckon it should swing a bit more heavily towards those traditional rooms.

To us, the real highlight will be the beautiful pull cords that you can use to turn the lamp on and off.

Aphroditel Tiffany Lamp Base

Standing at 70″ tall, this is one of the taller lamp bases out there.

  • Nice elegant shade
  • Heavy base ensuring good stability

The lamp base is constructed from solid aluminum. It has then been finished in an antique brass color to give it more of that old-timey feel.

Because there is not a lot of intricacy on the lamp base here, it is something that could fit into most homes. You could even fit this into a room with a more contemporary feel and we really feel the room wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

This should fit your typical Tiffany lampshade, although you should always double-check.

WERFACTORY Tiffany Floor Lamp Base Only

Introducing the Werfactory Tiffany Floor Lamp Base! This lamp base is perfect for anyone looking to create a beautiful Tiffany-style lamp with your existing shade.

It’s made from high-quality resin and finished in antique bronze, giving it a timeless look. Plus, it comes with a pull chain switch and is UL listed.

Assembly is easy – no tools are required! Don’t miss out on this must-have floor lamp base – order yours today.

  • Resin Base with 3.5KG in Bronze finish
  • easy assembly no need any tools to complete
  • Pull chain light switch (more convenient than floor switch)

Jill an Amazon customer states that the lamp base and stand is “sturdy”, while another Amazon customer states “This base suits this shade better than the original”

Décor Therapy PL1647 60″ Bronze Floor Lamp

Introducing the Décor Therapy PL1647 60″ Bronze Floor Lamp! This beautiful standing lamp is perfect for adding an ambient glow to any space.

It’s great for reading in your living room, bedroom, or office. With a candlestick-style base and marble accents, this lamp would make a stylish addition to both traditional and vintage-inspired interiors.

The Golden Bronze finish is sure to complement any décor. And with its 3-way switch, you can easily adjust the light output to suit your needs.

  • Golden Bronze Finish
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Square lamp base

Assembly is easy. There are 3 parts that screw together to the base, plus the light bulb assembly and then your shade.

Jillian, Amazon Purchaser states  “it was very easy to put together – took only a few minutes. It’s perfect for the little spot I had in mind. Looks like it would have cost more. Can’t beat the price”

hermopoly, Amazon Purchaser found the Tiffany Lamp Base “Super easy to assemble even without directions, common sense, and only took minutes !”

While catskinner, Amazon Purchaser says the lamp base “was so easy to assembly and i am 65 yrs old, perfect amount of light, shade is great quality, and its so sturdy, it has a vintage look to it”

Lu, Amazon Purchaser liked the lamp as it was “Super easy to assemble, light weight but wide base makes it sturdy”

earlygrey: Actually impressed with this lamp. It’s a perfect height, comes with a nice shade, and looks like high dollar decor. It’s pretty light weight, not sturdy, but I’m not worried if it gets bumped. I think it will hold up fine.

Add the Décor Therapy PL1647 60″ Bronze Floor Lamp to your home today and enjoy the warm, inviting glow of Golden Bronze!

Tips for Tiffany Floor Lamp Bases bought on Amazon

Most of these lamps are fairly easy to assemble.

Out of the box you will normally find 2 or 3 lengths of stand that screw into the lamp base and then each other, plus the light bulb fitting and finally the shade, either one of your choice or the one supplied.

Some purchasers report issues with threading when screwing the lamp stand together. Tips to avoid this include letting the item warm up, and applying a small amount of vegetable spray to the screw thread.

To avoid cross threading you can also start of by twisting the piece anti clockwise gently until you feel it click into place against the adjoining item. Then rotate clockwise screwing lightly while ensuring the items are straight.

Lamp Shade Pro – Tiffany Lamp Bases & Lamp Base Repair

Lamp Shade Pro founded by Jim Hoyle, and established in Lincolnton North Carolina since 1975, claims to have one of the most extensive range of Tiffany Lamp Shades anywhere.

What’s more, for nearly all of their lamps you can buy the bases separately.

If your really in love with your existing lamp shade or base then they have an excellent repair service

Dr. Grotepass-Studios -Tiffany Lamp Bases & Lamp Base Repair

Dr. Grotepass-Studios have built up an international reputation for hand creating quality Tiffany Style lamps according to historical techniques and materials.

Based in Essen, Germany, you can see for yourself some of their exquisite lamps installed during the restoration of the old Tiffany Building at 401 Fifth Avenue New York.

If you have a high value lamp or base that needs repair, I would recommend Dr. Grotepass-Studios, as they restore and repair lamps according to the original Tiffany Studio Methods, since 1980

Their lamps are not just stylish but also offer an affordable alternative to original antique pieces.

The lamps are handcrafted in each shade with unparalleled attention given towards detail, you can find something for any room or mood on their site!

Furthermore, they ship worldwide in wooden boxes, via Fedex delivery, so you can order away knowing that your purchase will be delivered quickly without damage.

Where To Buy Tiffany Lamp Bases In The U.K. & Europe

Tiffany Lighting Direct are one of the most extensive retailers of Tiffany Lamps in the UK and Europe.

Unlike Amazon, you can buy a wide range of lamp bases only including floor lamp bases.

Check out their range of Tiffany Lamp Bases here!


Finding a Tiffany floor lamp base is hard, if only because not many companies make them. However, the universal style of lampshades means that you should have no issues finding a base no matter what lampshade you have.

You will need to check the individual stats for each product to ensure that it matches up with the lampshade that you own.

Pair one of these bases with your Tiffany lamp, and your room will instantly gain beauty.

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