Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau Lamps, Art Nouveau Lamp, Art Nouveau Light, Art Nouveau Lights, Art Nouveau Lighting

Art Nouveau Lighting 101 – Complete Guide

This post explains in detail what Art Nouveau Lamps are. Context is provided by providing an overview of the Art Nouveau movement and its most famous designers. Key characteristics of Art Nouveau lamps are described, and the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Dec lighting is highlighted. An Art Nouveau lamp is a type of […]

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Art Nouveau Floor Lamps

Introduction To Art Nouveau Floor Lamps

Are you in the market for a new floor lamp? If so, you may be interested in Art Nouveau floor lamps. Art Nouveau is a style of art that was popular in the early 20th century. If you’re looking for something unique, an Art Nouveau floor lamp may be just what you’re looking for. In […]

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Rose Tiffany Lamp, Tiffany Lamp Rose, Rose Tiffany Style Lamp, Tiffany Style Rose Lamp

What Is A Rose Tiffany Lamp ?

This blog highlights the origins of Rose Tiffany Lamps, their history, unique features. I continue to discuss the different types of Rose Tiffany Lamps, how to use them to best effect, the cost of these lamps and where to buy them. A rose Tiffany lamp is a type of stained glass lamp, made by the […]

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Outdoor Oil Lamps, Oil Lamps Outdoors

What Are Outdoor Oil Lamps And What Are They Used For?

This post discusses what oil lamp outdoors are and their benefits, the different types of outdoor oil lamps and how to choose the right one, and safety concerns. Outdoor oil lamps are lamps fuelled by oil that are adapted for outdoor lighting purposes. One of the main benefits of outdoor oil lamps is that they […]

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How To Use An Oil Lamp; Beginners Guide to using an oil lamp

How To Use An Oil Lamp | Definitive Beginners Guide

How To Use An Oil Lamp For The First Time Before you light your oil lamp for the first time you need to consider how to use an oil lamp safely. I cover that below. The process of using your oil lamp for the first time may seem a bit daunting if you have never […]

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How To Clean Tarnished Silver Lamp, Clean Tarnished Silver Lamp, Clean Silver Lamp

DIRTY Tarnished Silver Lamp | 5 Steps For Best Cleaning

There are a few ways you can clean a tarnished silver lamp. I have checked some of the most popular ways, whether they work and in what situations they should be applied. The most important thing to remember is not to use any abrasive materials when cleaning your silver lamp, or the soft metal may […]

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Hurricane Lamp History, Hurricane Lamp Facts

The Era Of Hurricane Lamps | Beginner Facts And History

The Hurricane Lamp is one of the most important developments in Oil Lamp History. In this post, I discuss the history of Hurricane Lamps and key facts that you want or need to know. Hurricane lamps are a type of lamp that was popular during the Victorian era. These lamps were used to light homes […]

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Bradley and Hubbard Lamp

17 Things You Want To Know About Bradley And Hubbard Lamps

In this blog I explore 17 facts and things you want to know about the History of Bradley And Hubbard Lamps, and what their famous lamps are. Bradley and Hubbard created iconic oil lights from the art deco period. Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company was formed in 1852 and ceased production in 1931. 1. What […]

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Lamp Size Guide, Lamp Height Guide, What Lamp Height? What Size Lamp?

Best Lamp Height Guide – Table, Desk, Floor And More

My guide to the Best Lamp Heights will tell you what you need to know about the ideal lamp for your project, depending on the room, matched furniture, and lighting purpose. The ideal height of your lamp depends on the type of lamp, where the lamp is to be located and the purpose of the […]

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Are Oil Lamps Safe, Are Oil Lamps Safe to Use Indoors, Oil Lamp Safety

Are Oil Lamps safe to use indoors? Best Oil Lamp For Indoors

I was thinking of buying oil lamps as feature items for my home. That got me thinking about whether they are safe to use in the home. I am asthmatic so I don’t want any short or long-term complications as a result of burning lamp oils in my home. I researched the safety aspects of […]

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