How to Identify Tiffany Lamp; Spotting a Tiffany Lamp Real; Verifying Original Tiffany Lamps; Assessing the Age of a Tiffany Lamp;

How To Identify Tiffany Lamp – How to Tell Real From Fake

Louis Comfort Tiffany Lamps have a long and rich history of artisan, stained glass light fixtures. But over the years, the market has become filled with imitations of this beloved brand, and you may still wonder how to identify Tiffany Lamp products. The following steps should help you learn how to identify Tiffany Lamps. We’ll […]

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Tiffany Lamp Parts; Tiffany Lamp Accessories; Tiffany Lamp Components

Tiffany Lamp Parts | Accessories for Tiffany lamps

If you happen to be the lucky recipient of a broken or otherwise non-functioning Tiffany Lamp, never fear, because you still have a valuable and (most likely) completely repairable collector’s item in your hands and you don’t have to look far to get the parts and accessories that you need.  Tiffany Lamp parts aren’t going […]

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Build a Tiffany Lamp; DIY Tiffany Lamp; Make a DIY Tiffany Lamp

Build a Tiffany Lamp | Make a DIY Tiffany Lamp

Did you know that you can build your own Tiffany lamp to reflect your own taste and style? All that building your own Tiffany lamp takes is to have a clear vision, find tiffany lamp patterns and a kit that’s easy to use, and explore the world of stained glass lamp molds. Many of these […]

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How Do You Fix a Tiffany Lamp Shade? A step-by-step Tiffany Lamp Repair guide

If you have a broken tiffany stained glass lamp, you can quickly fix it at home by removing the broken slag glass pieces and replacing them with new pieces cut to the same size and shape as the open space in the lampshade.  While you can take a broken lamp to a professional for Tiffany […]

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Authentic Tiffany Lamps

What is a Tiffany Lamp – The story of the authentic tiffany lamp ?

This is a post about authentic Tiffany Lamps. I discuss what a Tiffany Lamp is and how they are made. I highlight what is special about a Tiffany Lamp and the history behind them. I talk about different styles of Tiffany Lamps.

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Tiffany Laurelton Hall: Long Island Tiffany Estate that Provided Inspiration for Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Works

Laurelton Hall is a country estate that was built in 1902, in the environs of Oyster Bay, New York. Laurelton Hall became the home of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his family.

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Louis Comfort Tiffany Biography – Father of Favrile Art Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany is an American artist, in the art nouveau style, who was born in 1848. He is best known for his stained glass, lamps and windows.

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How to clean a Tiffany Lamp – Cleaning Stained Glass

Find out quickly and simply how to clean a Tiffany Lamp. I bullet point the key steps of how to clean stained glass lamps and for cleaning stained glass windows.

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Tiffany Studios Tulip Table Lamp

Tiffany Lamp Tulips – Best Tiffany Style Tulip Lamps Review

Are you looking for Tiffany Style Tulip Lamps? I select the Top 5 Tiffany Lamps Tulips that have the best purchaser reviews. I provide objective information to help you purchase the best Tiffany Style Tulip Table Lamp or Tiffany Style Tulip Floor Lamp

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Tiffany Studios Wisteria Table Lamp

Tiffany Wisteria Lamp Reproduction – Best Wisteria Lamps

Are you looking for Tiffany Style Wisteria Lamps? In my review I select the Top 6 Tiffany Wisteria Reproduction with the best purchaser reviews. I provide objective information to help you purchase the best Tiffany Style Wisteria Table Lamp or Tiffany Style Wisteria Floor Lamp

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