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If you happen to be the lucky recipient of a broken or otherwise non-functioning Tiffany Lamp, never fear, because you still have a valuable and (most likely) completely repairable collector’s item in your hands and you don’t have to look far to get the parts and accessories that you need. This guide will help you find the parts you need for your Tiffany Lamp Repair.

Tiffany Lamp parts aren’t going to be available in your local Walmart, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a trial of torture to get your hands on some. Tiffany Lamp accessories aren’t a dime a dozen but there are online websites that sell parts for you to properly refurbish your own. 

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Where To Find Antique Tiffany Lamp Parts

Tiffany style stained glass lamps are still produced today, using the copper foil method, which means that you could end up getting a newer Tiffany Lamp Part for your antique Lamp. So if you want to stick to the original, you’ll have to do some leg work on the web to find the parts you need. 

One good website to check out is

While they aren’t loaded with Antique parts for a Tiffany Lamp, they have several Tiffany Lampshades. If you’re looking for a Tiffany Lamp Shade Holder, they currently have two, with the Handel Style and Handel Style Antique Bronze. is another great one that’s loaded with Tiffany Lamp accessories. It’s almost entirely metal and some of the pieces are definitely tarnished, but it’s nothing that you can’t clean up and return to its original, lustrous shine with some elbow grease. If you’re looking for Tiffany Lamp fixtures and/or holders, you’re highly likely to come across what you’re looking for through Mosaic Shades. Timeless Tiffany is another excellent outlet. They are loaded with new arrivals and used parts that will cover just about anything you need. 

When you visit the Timeless Tiffany website, The entire left side of the home screen is one, a long column with a link for everything that’s associated with Tiffany Lamps. You can even get computer software with patterns and design ideas for Tiffany Lampshades.

If you’re looking for Tiffany Lamp bases for sale, you’ll find everything you need at either Mosaic Shades or Timeless Tiffany. Of course, there are other online options out there but these are two of the more popular choices. 

Tell me the most common type of lamp bases?

Art deco lamps need chandeliers with geometric styles which can be fabricated easily. Some lamps have copper or other alloy base. Some are pottery, while other forms are vases. The best among these have sand that is heavy so that the lamp cannot tip. The top of the lamp post is made of metal-based wrought iron so it does not fall off. very attractive Tiffany lamp feet are those of dragonfly lamps. The base has green and blue vitraux and red chandeliers with one additional light separate from their lamp bulbs used to light up the bottom to illuminate the foot.

Is It Hard To Find Tiffany Lamp Screws?

You would think that it would be hard to find the lamp screws you need for a Tiffany Lamp, but it’s really not. The above-listed sites both have a large variety available. Not every Tiffany Lamp is created equally, however, so your primary difficulty will be in finding a matching look and age.

Mosaic Shades doesn’t sell screws by themselves, but rather sells the parts with the screws still in them. That makes Mosaic Shades a great start when looking for screws. 

Rather than buying a set of screws that you don’t know anything about, based on a claim, you can at least narrow down the part with the screw that you need. The only drawback is the fact that you have to buy the part with the screw, unfortunately.

That is unless you need the part as well, Timeless Tiffany has entire sections with Tiffany Lamp screws available for purchase, including connecting screws, crossbars, wiring, and a host of small parts that may be difficult to find on your own. 

The sockets and wires

Plastic plugs are commonly the cheapest option and they can be installed easily.

Porcelain and Copper Sleeves should always be selected with earlier models as it offers greater Originality.

Electrical wiring should be chosen based upon lamp model and colour: a white lamp may come with white thread.

Lamps need to maintain CE and RoH standards without lead or water content.

Can I Restore Tiffany Parts On My Own?

There’s a difference between acquiring the various parts that you need to put your stained glass Tiffany Lamp in order and completely restoring one from scratch. There’s a lot more that goes into restoration and getting the Tiffany Lamp parts you need is only the beginning.

You can check out my guide to Tiffany Lamp Repair here!

Granted, most places that you purchase Tiffany Lamp components from are going to have restored the parts themselves but you should still understand the DIY restoration process as well. 

8 things that you will need to restore Tiffany Parts properly:

  • Fine-grit, Emory cloth
  • Wire strippers
  • Soft cloth
  • Wire brushes
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Paste Wax
  • Spray lubricant
  • Screwdriver

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There are excellent walkthroughs on YouTube and step-by-step walkthroughs available on the web. So yes, you can restore a Tiffany Lamp or Tiffany Lamp parts on your own, and it’s probably a lot easier to do than you think.

The only problem that you will run into is that many of them replace antique parts with new parts, which reduces the value and the meaningfulness of the antique with every screw, cap, base, or shade that’s replaced with a modern version.

If you have all of the parts together, you want to do everything you can to restore each item back to its original condition or purchase antique parts that match your own. If you can restore a screw, do so and if it’s stripped out, you’ll have to replace it with an original if possible. 

Rewiring Parts For A Tiffany Lamp

Another DIY project that you may be surprised that you can do is rewiring. Most people often don’t think of the rewiring aspect when they are purchasing replacement Tiffany Lamp parts to restore their Tiffany Lamps. 

However, if you ever want the lamp to be powered properly again, you may need to replace the wiring. You can purchase Tiffany Lamp wiring from Timeless

Tiffany and it’s relatively easy to replace the original if the original is non-functional or worn to the point of danger.

It’s especially important to replace the wiring if you want to turn the Tiffany Lamp on, but it was a lamp that you purchased at an antique store, inherited, found, or purchased at a yard sale/flea market.

The reasoning behind that is you don’t know what conditions it was operating under before you acquired it and the last thing you want is to start a house fire from an antique lamp. So purchasing a new wire is more of a safety thing than anything else. 

To ensure your wiring work correctly you should test with a voltmeter.

All Things Considered

If you’re in the market for Tiffany Lamp components, you’re also in luck because there are more places to buy them than you think. There’s also a large variety of small parts available that are antiques and not brand new. Whatever you need, you’re bound to find it.


What are the parts of a Tiffany lamp called?

A Tiffany lamp has several key parts, including the base, stem, and shade. The base is the bottommost part of the lamp, typically made from a heavy material like metal or marble to provide stability. The stem connects the base to the shade and can be made from a variety of materials including metal, wood, or glass. The shade is the most distinguishing feature of a Tiffany lamp, typically made from stained glass in a variety of colors and designs.

Can a Tiffany lamp be repaired?

This is a question that many people have, and the answer is yes, an Authentic Tiffany lamp can be repaired. However, it is important to note that not every Tiffany lamp can be repaired. There are a few factors that need to be considered before deciding if a Tiffany lamp can be repaired.

The first factor to consider is the age of the Tiffany lamp. If the lamp is over 100 years old, it is likely that the repair will not be able to bring it back to its original condition. In these cases, the best option may be to restore the lamp as best as possible and try to preserve its age and character.

The second factor to consider is the extent of the damage to the Tiffany lamp. If there are just a couple of missing pieces, it may be possible to replace them. However, if there are missing or broken pieces that make up an entire section or panel of the lamp, this may be more complex than simple replacement.

The third factor in deciding whether you can repair your Tiffany lamp is whether you have the necessary skills and tools. If you are not familiar with stained glass repair, it is best to leave this job to a professional.

How do you rewire a Tiffany lamp?

The wiring inside a genuine Tiffany lamp doesn’t seem to follow any pattern that would make it easy to figure out how it all goes back together, and it seems like a lot of people end up destroying the lamp’s socket in attempting repairs themselves.

  • It’s not recommended to “re-wire” them yourself
  • There are several wire clusters inside that need to be re-connected
  • The wiring is not in any specific order, so it’s hard to figure out where everything goes

What does the bottom of a Tiffany lamp look like?

Well, it depends on the design of the lamp. But usually, the bottom of a Tiffany lamp is a metal plate that has been engraved or inlaid with designs. The plate is often screwed or bolted to the base of the lamp.

What is the stand part of a lamp called?

Lamps are typically supported by a stand or other base. Many lamps have stands that are made of metal, wood, plastic, or ceramic materials. The stand is the center most part of the lamp and supports the majority of its weight.

The term for this piece is base. This can be further divided into three types: “pedestal”, “torchiere”, and “floor”

Where are lamp parts located?

This is a question that may come to mind when you are looking to buy a new lamp or trying to fix a light fixture. Lamp parts can be found in various places, depending on the type of lamp.

The most common place to find lamp parts is at a hardware store. You can usually find light bulbs, shades, and other lamp parts at a hardware store. You can also find light bulbs and shades online. Some department stores, such as Target or Wal-Mart, may sell more modern fixtures and lamps with lighting parts already attached to them.

Another common place for lamp parts is on the internet. It is not uncommon to be able to buy all of your desired lamp parts online. You may be able to buy the lamp parts you want in sets, depending on your needs. Some websites sell everything you need for a variety of lamps.

You can also find various types of lamp parts by looking at vintage stores or antique shops. Outdated lighting fixtures and lamps are often sold as is or as a collection of parts. You can also find light bulbs and shades at these stores, which is a bonus.

If you need a replacement Tiffany Lamp Base then I tell you where to find them here!

Cleaning Your Tiffany Lamp

Once you’ve repaired or built your Tiffany Lamps you will want to keep it looking its best.

I have written the most searched for step-by-step guide on the internet on how to clean different types of Tiffany Lamp shades and bases.


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